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NFL draft: Conversation with Caylon Weathers

25 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

If someone told you that available in this years draft was a 6’4 220 pound wide-out, with good speed, runs great routes and has strong hands. Wouldn’t you be excited at your favorite teams potential of landing him? In the draft it is common to find big wide-outs, quick footed WR’s and sure handed receivers. What isn’t so common is when those three traits happen to be in one prospect. Enter UT-Martin WR Caylon Weathers, a big-bodied stud, that can play inside and out, plays well in traffic and is a legit help in the run game (Blocking). I sat down with the Tennessee native and spoke with him about his time in college and his plans for the 2018 NFL draft? But before I spoke with him I asked a certain (anonymous) AFC south scout his take on the draft prospect?

“I like him….I think he needs a lot of work, but he has potential…..potential to be a contributor at the next level. He needs to clean up his route running, he needs to (like every other prospect) get better at all the little things. But when you watch the tape you see flashes, you see a guy…excuse me, a big guy (and you can’t teach size) with good speed, I think he ran a 4.4 forty time. You see a guy with his size at 6’4 and he’s what 225 maybe? not completely sure but you see a guy like that and he is making these clean catches, not body catches… he has good, strong hands. He can make the circus catches. That doesn’t mean to much but when you see a guy his size move the way he does, you get excited at his potential. He doesn’t have the numbers really, he isn’t a me guy either and that goes a long way.”

On his time getting ready for the draft and his potential impact in the NFL?

“I plan on keeping myself busy when the draft comes around. I will have my phone next to me and my loved ones, who ever I can be with. Physically I have been working my butt off, I have been doing the things I did in school, just at a higher level really. Making sure I put in the work every day, it’s important to work my butt off for this opportunity, to get the most out of it……I know the talk is, I didn’t do enough in school, or the school I went to is a “small school” or whatever people say about that? I don’t care really, I know what I am worth, I know what I can do as a player and I know if and when I get the chance I am chasing  I am going to make the most of it.

As far as my potential for the next level, I think I can contribute a lot. I know I can help on special teams and I know I will do what it takes to help my future team. The same thing I did in college I will take that to the next level, I plan on being the best teammate and locker room guy. I plan on working my hardest to help my team prepare daily.”

Continuing on he spoke more about the “small school bias” and the idea of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles (or any NFL team) ?

“I mean….people are going to say what they want. Do I think the bias is real? I am not sure really, people have the thoughts they have and if I got caught up in that it would drive me crazy. If you asked me though, the different players in the NFL now and in the past that have come from small schools and had great careers and having great careers, should be enough to prove that it is possible to be successful at the next level. But like I said I can’t control the talk about that, I can only control what I think and do.

To answer your second question I would love to play for the Eagles, I love the way they do things. I have watched them a lot and they look like they really play for each other. But to be honest I would love to play for any team, I just want a chance to show what I can do, if that’s with the Eagles or any of the other 31 teams I am going to love it.”

At the end of the day Caylon Weathers, can play the game of football. With great size, good speed, and strong athletic ability, combined with the right mind frame he has the potential to be a 10 year contributor. Like the rest of these potential NFL prospects, all he needs is a chance, he may just surprise you.



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