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NFL Draft: Conversation with USF OG Jeremi Hall

23 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

2018 NFL draft prospect, Jeremi Hall, is a mountain of a man (6’5 335 LBS) with raw talent and underrated athletic ability. Watching tape of the young man it isn’t hard to see why team scouts have been quietly salivating over the Georgia native. Built with a thick base to help him push defenders off the ball and help set the tone in the run game. As well as the long arms and pure strength to keep defensive linemen off of his body, and continue his solid pass blocking. What stood out from his game film is his style of play, nasty, in a word. The young monster has been a road grader for the Bulls, planting defenders in the ground, and abusing opponents.

“On the field I want to set the tone, I like to be out there talking mess to  the defense. It isn’t just physical, I mean it is a big part, but mentally I want to beat my opponent as well.  I love that part of the game, going one-on-one with another talented guy. Right across from me is another top player, another guy, who….if I don’t work my butt off and do my best, he will beat me. That is not good…..it wont be good, so I have the mentality that on the field I need to beat the guy in front of me, I need to bury him and doing it all game. From snap one it starts…..mentally and physically I need to be the one who brings it.” 

Despite the young mans aggressive nature it was his locker room presence and off the field mentality that stood out. Considered a steam roller on the field, Hall, is a bit of a gentle giant off of it. A self described “nice guy” I have to admit to the young prospects surprisingly calm nature.

“In the locker room….. I am chilled, not really up going crazy or anything like that. I am honestly just chilled, I like to talk with my teammates, go around the different position groups and talk and laugh. This is my family away from home, so it’s important for me to be a leader that way, to be a good teammate. As far as on the outside, away from the game I am pretty much the same guy, I like music , I’m really laid back. But the one thing I love to do is art… I have been interested in the arts since I was really young. I love to draw and spend my time doing that when I am away from the game of football. The sport in itself can be really exhausting, don’t get me wrong I love football, and it is what I want to do for my future, but as far as down time and time to myself…it’s art. I try to draw all the time, love seeing new artist, love looking at all the talented people, I want to be one of those people.” 

Speaking about the USF product with a couple of anonymous scouts, I quickly came to realize, that even though i wasn’t hearing his name a ton (via media), Hall’s play and athleticism has been well documented by those who matter.

Yeah, Hall is a guy who every time you put the tape on you just can’t help but be impressed. I hate the term, but he is sneaky athletic he is raw, but the things he needs work with is all coachable, so it can be helped. Not one player in this draft or any draft is a finished product….so it can be fixed. I like his athletic ability, you know he has the size…I mean the kid is a mountain, we spoke about that. But what I think I like the most about him, and what other scouts I have spoken to about him, is he seems to get better every season. So what does that mean?….it means he is taking his coaching seriously, he is a good listener. He is taking what he is being taught and applying to the field, to his game. If you can get a guy like that who is always learning and not just being coached, but taking the coaching and applying it, well…..you really got something . You have a player who you feel you can hang your hat on. He has all the ability in the world, I heard he is a bit of a talker on the field, but has the talent to back it up, and most importantly he accepts coaching, he looks to be coached……and he wants to get better. Continues to get better, that stands out to myself, and I am sure other scouts.”

The Philadelphia Eagles, have arguably the best offensive line in the NFL, along with solid depth. But adding a player with Hall’s abilities and mind set could go a long way in making sure the franchise (Carson Wentz) stays upright, and the birds’ are in a good position for the future.

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