Eagles Draft Profile: Dallas Goedert

28 March 2018 DRAFT Eagles News


On Wednesday March 13, 2018, The Philadelphia Eagles said goodbye to their longest tenured player, Brent Celek.  Celek spent the last 11 seasons with the Eagles while racking up nearly 5,000 receiving yards and over 30 touchdowns in 175 games played.  The last several seasons, Celek has been faded out of the offense due to the emergence of Top 5 Tight End Zach Ertz.  Celek served as the backup last season and primarily saw time in running situations due to his blocking ability.  Eagles Nation was hurt by the release, however, the NFL is a business and a capped strapped Eagles team had to make the move.  On top of Celek being released, TE Trey Burton chose to sign a 4-year, 32-million dollar free agent deal with the NFC North Chicago Bears.  In the matter of days, the Eagles Tight End room went from being a strength to one of the few weaknesses that have come to the light this off-season.


Before we start digging into Goedert’s career, let me be the first to say that it hurts to write an article about a player named “Dallas”.  The name makes me want to vomit, but if he produces for the Birds, I will survive.  Goedert arrived on the campus of South Dakota State in 2014.  Like many prospects that I have profiled, Goedert started slow in his first two years for the Jackrabbits.  Through his Freshman and Sophomore years, Goedert hauled in a total of 34 catches for 584 yards and 3 touchdowns.  While many were skeptical of Goedert heading into his Junior season, he quickly shut them up with arguably his best season of his college career.  In 2016, Goedert caught 92 passes for 1293 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Those are eye popping numbers for any tight end at any level of play.  While his senior season was not as productive as his Junior season (72 rec, 1111yds, 9TDS), it was enough to vault him into the discussion of a late first to second round pick for the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.


Height – 6’4″

Weight – 260lbs

40yd Dash – 4.73(projected)

Bench – 23 Reps

Combine Grade – 5.87


Simply by watching Goedert’s highlight video and seeing his measurables, it is no wonder as to why he is being coveted by so many NFL Teams.  Standing at 6’4″ and weighing in at 260lbs, Goedert is  a large target who can make acrobatic catches at will.  Goedert is  gadget on the field and is able to not only get open, but make people miss on all three levels.  Goedert gets into his routes quickly and is able to position himself to make plays due to his background in basketball.  With strong and large hands, Goedert is able to go up and make grabs that an average tight end could only dream of.  While the fans love the flashy catches, Goedert has the ability to get into the trenches and effectively block on run plays.  Many scouting services compare Goedert to Eagles TE Zach Ertz (I’m sold).  Scouts and NFL personnel believe that Goedert has what it takes to be the true dual threat tight end in today’s NFL and provide an impact wherever he may land on draft night.


Over the past several weeks, I have written multiple Draft Profiles that highlight many prospects that should interest not only Eagles Nation, but also the front office.  While I have not made a prediction on who they will select at 32, all signs in my head are pointing to tight end.  It simply makes sense.  The Eagles have one “NFL caliber” tight end in Zach Ertz and a backup who has never seen a snap in an NFL Regular Season game.  This position is by far their weakest on the offensive side of the ball.  Goedert would come into Philly and be put into a great situation.  Zach Ertz is emerging as a Top 3 NFL TE and would immediately take Goedert under his wing.  Ertz and Goedert are nearly spitting images when playing on the field.  By drafting Goedert, Howie would be adding another weapon to Carson Wentz’s arsenal.  The likes of Jeffery, Ajayi, Clement, Ertz, and Goedert would all be great options for Carson once they are in the redzone.  Many people will knock that Goedert is from a small school that is located in the “Dakotas” and how he has not played tough enough competition to compete at the NFL level.  This narrative sounds very familiar to a certain Eagles player from a “Dakota” that was having a MVP level season until injury struck.  Howie, Joe, and Doug have proven to be fans of small school guys in the past, which has paid off for them.  If willing to take the gamble again, the Eagles front office should look at selecting Dallas Goedert at 32.  It will only help this offense get better, if that is even possible at this point.


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