Habecker’s Fantasy Big Board – Quarterbacks

28 July 2016 Fantasy Football

If you enjoy the game of football, then there is a good chance that you have, will, or still do enjoy playing fantasy football of some kind. As July winds down and August starts, one of the biggest things on a fantasy football fan’s mind is their upcoming draft. Now you will see a ton of different opinions, and by no means am I saying that my opinion is the “end all be all,” however, if you want another opinion, here’s mine regarding the leagues quarterbacks going from the bottom to the top.

Honorable Mention (round projections): Ryan Fitzpatrick (7th), Tony Romo (Late 7th), Drew Brees (Late 7th), Andy Dalton (8th), Jameis Winston (8th), Marcus Mariota (9th), Matt Ryan(10th)

10. Eli Manning – Any QB with Odell Beckham on their team should probably be on this list. While he will through his INT’s, he will also throw for 30+ TD’s in a year and over 4,000 yards. He is durable and he has a ton of experience. Don’t forget that they added receiver Sterling Shepherd in the draft, and he is drawing rave reviews so far. Grade – 7th round

Blake Bortles (5) looks to escape pressure against the Texans last year.

Blake Bortles (5) looks to escape pressure against the Texans last year.

9. Derek Carr – Carr really helped himself last year. The Raiders coaching staff really put a lot on Carr’s plate, and he responded with a fantastic season. Amari Cooper has the potential to be a franchise cornerstone at wide out, and Michael Crabtree really turned into a reliable target in 2015. Grade – 6th round

8. Blake Bortles – The major leap forward that Bortles’ took last year caught everyone’s eye. Having two young receivers in the “Top 100 Players” also helps. The Jags offense should be more dynamic with the addition of Chris Ivory, which will help their play action work more effectively. Julius Thomas at tight end is yet another threat for him to go to. Grade – 6th round

7. Andrew Luck – Which side are you on? The side that says he’s taken a step back, or the side that feels 2015 was a fluke due to injuries and a combination of bad interceptions at really bad times? I personally think he will bounce back, but look for him to slip quite a bit. T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief form a good young receiving corps. Luck does have sneaky athleticism, so he will punch the ball in himself quite a bit. Grade – 5th round

6. Tom Brady – Is there anything we don’t know about Brady? No matter who his receivers are, he’s going to produce. As long as Brady is in New England, the Patriots will have the opportunity to compete for a Super Bowl title. It should be fun to watch Brady toy with defenses in New England’s two tight end sets featuring Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett. The reason he drops this low is simple, he misses a quarter of the season due to “deflategate.” Grade – 5th round

5. Carson Palmer – Arizona has perhaps the deepest receiving corps in the NFL. Larry Fitzgerald seems to find a way to always stay relevant, Michael Floyd put together a really solid campaign in 2015, and John Brown is one of the fastest guys in the league. Bruce Arians loves to take shots down the field, so expect both the yards and the touchdowns to pile up by the handful. Buyer Beware: Palmer is in his late 30’s and has a checkered injury history. Grade – Late 4th to early 5th Round

4. Ben Roethlisberger – Roethlisberger and the “Killer B’s” will stuff the stat sheet once again. Doesn’t it seem every year that Pittsburgh is supposed to go to at least the AFC Championship Game? If healthy, and suspension free, the Steelers offense includes the shiftiest receiver in Antonio Brown and the be most dynamic back with the ball in his hands in LeVeon Bell. If Martavis Bryant were playing instead of sitting out due to suspension, Roethlisberger would be closer to the top of the board. Another thing about Big Ben is his ability to play through injuries. The only time he will miss time is when it’s something serious, for all the minor injuries, he’s a go. Grade – 3rd round

Aaron Rodgers is pressured during the Packers and Seahawks NFC Championship Game in January, 2015

Aaron Rodgers is pressured during the Packers and Seahawks NFC Championship Game in January, 2015

3. Russell Wilson –  Much like one of his counterparts on this list, Wilson can do it all. While he may not have as much in terms of God given talent, he does go above and beyond with the talent he has. While he doesn’t rack up the rushing touchdowns like a Cam Newton, he does rack up the rushing yards (553). When combined with his 4,000-plus passing yards and 35 combined touchdowns, its hard to argue against Wilson. Don’t forget the weapons he has, Jimmy Graham is healthy, Doug Baldwin proved dynamic, and Tyler Lockett is on the rise in his second year. More of  the offense should be on him with Marshawn Lynch retired. Grade – Late 2nd to early 3rd round

2. Aaron Rodgers – Perhaps the best pure thrower of the football in the NFL, Rodgers is smack dab in the middle of his prime. Randall Cobb and the return of Jordy Nelson will help push Rodgers back into the conversation for top QB in the league. Don’t forget that Rodgers will also be able to escape the pocket in order to gain some rushing yards, and will occasionally punch it into the end zone. Grade – 2nd round

1. Cam Newton – Not many quarterbacks in the history of the league can do what Carolina’s QB can do, and I can’t remember anyone who commands the presence that Newton does in between the lines. He can run with the power of Jerome Bettis, he’s as fast as other backs, and he has a cannon for an arm. Virtually every Sunday he is a threat to throw for 2 or 3 touchdowns and run for another. If you can find a QB who can be in the top 5 in terms of passing touchdowns and first in rushing touchdowns, how can he be any place other than first on the QB Big Board? Don’t forget, Kelvin Benjamin is coming back too. Grade- mid to late 1st round.

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